Melanie Arrowood Wilcox

 I am a “creative type.” I like to make pictures, write stories, and take photographs and videos. I am happy with my feet in the dirt, gardening. I like to cook but dislike recipes. My mother would have said, “she dances to her own music.”

If you need someone to do this type of thing, let me know. Maybe we can work together on something intriguing and rare and beautiful, or beautifully strange.

Say Me Another Creative

Both my writing and my artistic work reflect my studies of human and animal behavior, my lifelong interests in history and science, and my pursuit of understanding the psychological and spiritual development of individuals within communities.


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On a more personal level, I am a much happier person when left alone with my pencils, paints, paper, and canvas…or computer. For the most part, I am far more at ease with animals than around people. It is always a pleasant surprise for me to encounter other people who love galleries and bookstores, and I find those experiences calm me for hours after they end.


The older I get the less patient I am with mean or selfish people. I no longer suffer fools as well as my parents expected of me. I suspect this is why I spend less time among crowds and more time reading, listening to music, and looking at art and films.



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Publishing in Context

Publishing in Context


My husband and I provide a wide range of publications services, from assistance in setting organizational or personal publishing strategy through knowledge verification and concept development, writing or ghostwriting, and all levels of the editorial process. We can help you decide if self-publishing will work for your organization or for your personal publications.

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The Fine Print


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC. Bachelor of Arts, Journalism. In addition to my studies in Journalism and Mass Communications, I completed many courses in Psychology, History, Political Science, and Art History.

 Post-Baccalaureate Studies:

NC State University-Raleigh, NC. Algebra, Ecology, Geology of the National Parks, Microbiology, Oceanography.

University of North Carolina-Wilmington, NC. Botany, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Invertebrate Zoology.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC. Historical Geology, Human Anatomy, Ornithology, Physical Geography, Primate Behavior.

Publications List:

“The Last to Leave.” Siren Literary Magazine; online. July, 2015.

“Runaway.” The Vignette Review; online. June, 2015.

“Tornado at the River.” moonShine Review; Charlotte, NC. October, 2014.

“Bee City USA.” The Friendly Naturalist: a community nature journal; Greensboro, NC. June 1, 2013.

“New governor has much to learn about compassion.” Times-News, Burlington, NC. February 7, 2013.

“Rainy Day Bird Watching,” “Doe Drinking” (drawings). The Friendly Naturalist: a community nature journal; Greensboro, NC. December 1, 2012.

“Stones in the Sand.” Surrounded: Living with Islands. Write Wing Publishing, Seattle, WA. May 2012. . 2012-

NC . 2010-

“Pink Cows.” moonShine Review; THRIFT Poetic Arts, Charlotte, NC. 2006.

“Entertaining Angels, Unawares.” The Shoal; Carteret Writers Inc., Morehead City, NC. 2006.

“Lamentations of the Bobcat.” The Shoal; Carteret Writers Inc., Morehead City, NC. 2006.

“Resurrection.” Mythic Circle; Mythopoeic Society. 2002.

Chinqua-Penn Supplement, News & Record; Greensboro, NC. December 4, 1996. I researched and wrote several stories for the annual Chinqua-Penn Supplement produced by the News & Record: “Sounds of Christmas,” “Digging in the Archives,” “The Penns and Rockingham County,” “The Spirits of Chinqua-Penn,” “Illumination Night,” and “Driving Miss Betsy.” All with photographs.

Chinqua-Penn Supplement, News & Record; Greensboro, NC. December 3, 1995. I researched and wrote several stories for the annual Chinqua-Penn Supplement produced by the News & Record: “Chinqua-Penn is much more than most farms,” “Leach will be featured artist for restored Skinner organ concerts,” “Mansion’s shop offers something for everyone,” “Decorating estate requires a pooling of talent,” “Library speaks volumes about the Penn family,” and “Estate named for once-common NC tree.” All with photographs.

Visual Arts Venues:

Gallery of the Arts. Community Arts Café. Winston-Salem, NC.

Moses Cone Hospital. Greensboro, NC.

The Coffee Break. Greensboro, NC.

Mitchell & Bartlett Orthodontics. Greensboro, NC.

The Marshall Gallery. Greensboro, NC.

Center for Visual Artists. Greensboro, NC.

Visual Art Exchange. Raleigh, NC.

Rockingham County Arts Festival. Wentworth, NC.

Piedmont Arts Association. Martinsville, VA.

Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art. Greensboro, NC.

North Carolina Photographers Annual Exhibition. Meredith College. Raleigh, NC.

North Carolina State Fair. Raleigh, NC.